SSN Generator

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Use the SSN generator to create a valid SSN number.

The alghorythm used to generate the SSN code is the same that guarantees basic authentication on website forms, as it merely follows a given pattern. Generated SSN's are possibly not even real and shouldn't be used on attempt of any illegal activity.

What is SSN?

SSN stands for Social Security Number. It is a unique nine-digit identification number assigned to individuals in the United States by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The primary purpose of an SSN is to track individuals' earnings and monitor their Social Security benefits.

SSNs are used for various purposes, including employment, taxation, credit and financial transactions, and accessing government services. They serve as a form of identification and are often required when applying for jobs, opening bank accounts, obtaining loans, filing taxes, and accessing certain government programs.

Generation and Validation of SSN

The SSN generator use the last group number for each area number, some special numbers are never allocated like numbers with all zeros in any digit group (000-##-####, ###-00-####, ###-##-0000) and numbers with 666 or 900-999 in the first digit group. Since group numbers were allocated in a regular pattern, it was possible to indentify an unissued SSN that contained an invalid group number. Now numbers are assigned randomly.

Using the tool

This tool was developed for programmers and testers who have the constant need to enter different SSN numbers in developing forms.